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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  January 8, 2017 2:00pm-2:31pm PST

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==terry/take vo== right now on nbc bay area news: floodedtres, rivers ovetheir ba. right now on nbc bay area news, flooded streets, rivers over their banks and fallen trees. we're seeing it all as a powerful storm continues to make its way through our area. the news starts right now. good evening, everyone. >> thank you for joining us this afternoon for this special 2:00 p.m. broadcast. the big storm that we've been warning about all week is here. it is causing a lot of problems all over the bay area. let's take you outside right now and take a look here live cameras from san jose, san francisco, palo alto and san mateo. as you can see, gloomy, wet weather outside. a lot of rain drops on the lenses and wet roads leading to unsafe driving conditions. also our live doppler radar right now, lots of green here on the radar, even some yellow and red showing where it's coming
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down right now the hardest. >> we have a team of reporters in place for you covering all parts of the bay area this afternoon. let's begin with chief meteorologist jeff. jeff? >> right now on that doppler radar as it scans around, it's a lot of moderate rain fall and few heavier pockets near richmond. largest problems have been in sonoma county. we've had 2 to 4 inches in a 36-hour time period that we are still under a flash flood warning until 3:00 p.m. from santa rosa down through petal a petaluma, that's where these i isolated streams, creeks and rivers could be reaching their banks and possibly overflowing as we have seen in a few cases. in terms of the major rivers we're following in the snort bay, the russian river expected to reach flood stage sometime late tonight into monday at 37.2 feet. we are also tracking the napa river going to flood stage here.
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19.7 feet. again, late tonight into monday's forecast. now, in terms of the napa river at downtown also flood stage, 26.7 feet. again, late tonight into early tomorrow. on the radar right now, you'll also find this coverage of wet weather here through the peninsula and the south bay, some of the heaviest coming down from morgan hill through gill roadway. of course, we have storm ranger here helping to track our storm system. you have to check out the hashtag again storm ranger. it's helping to give us a higher resolution of what's happening as this storm system moves in. i'll have another update coming up in less than 15 minutes. >> all right, jeff, thank you so much. run off from the napa river causing plenty of concern in the north bay. let's look at the situation. as you can see, rushing river there. jody hernandez continues our coverage from napa county. jody, people in the area hear about storms like this, they get ready for flooded roads.
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>> reporter: they sure do. and roads are flooded. the rain really hasn't let up all day here in napa county and it has left the road we're standing on looking like this. that is water we're told from the napa river and it spilled right on to the road. i'll tell you, this is just one of several trouble spots in the north bay. non-stop rain has folks in napa county navigating through water-logged roads. some of the streets have taken on so much water they've been closed down. >> we just want people to stay away from the trails and cross roads. it's, you know, not a good place to go right now. >> reporter: one of the worst hit areas just north of saint ha lena, this lane looks like lodi lake, runoff from the napa river has poured into the roadway and into a nearby vineyard.
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>> we just moved here last february, so we're new to all of this. >> reporter: nancy barnes's house is at risk. she has sandbags, but the water is on the rise and it's unsettling. one neighbor appears to be trapped in her home. her driveway has become a fast-moving waterway and she's riding it out inside. >> it's a lot of water. i'm glad i know how to swim. >> reporter: and we're back here live. you're looking at lodi lane. we are told that this morning it did not look like this at all. you could actually drive through it, but the water started rising and it rose fast. if we can pan over, you can see the nearby vineyard is also water logged. neighbors are joking that they hope this means we're going to have some high quality grapes. folks are holding their breath here in this neighborhood, hoping that the rain does not make it into their homes and so
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far so good. reporting live in napa county i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jodi. as one would expect, the storm is triggering power outages, more than 42,000 customers without power in the bay area, most on the peninsula. you're looking at the pg&e map right there. there are thousands of people out of power in the north bay and the south bay. and the storm is pounding the santa cruz mountains today. high winds, torrential rain fall. rip boone has been there all day long. >> reporter: terry, it's rising as we speak, about 10 minutes ago there was a fire department that came down here and said this is your live shot. let me know something, the next 30 minutes the water at this point should be way above this bank and all the way into our parking lot where our satellite truck is located, so we're out of here pretty soon. you see this river, the
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residents are very serious about this, so much they told me to tie this rope around my waist just in case something happens at this particular standpoint where i'm at in this location. it's a serious nature because they know this water can do some major, major damage to their home. >> this one is scarier because the rain keeps coming. >> reporter: life for those who live along this river continues to be a concern. >> it's been in my backyard and up to my fence line and this house has flooded before. >> reporter: this is not new as most residents have lived here all their life. are you getting the heck out of here? >> oh, yeah. i came to check on my friend because i live in fellton and i know she's all by herself. >> reporter: deeper in the santa cruz mountain, a line of storms pound route 9 from felton to north of boulder creek. this power line shutting down the road and shutting off light
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to customers. if you didn't have a generator, likely you were in the dark. a severe rain day for santa cruz mountain residents that's far from over. back here live and the water is continuing to rise and add to the worries for residents here. we're hearing reports there is a mountain lion roaming around these areas, so much more of a bigger worry for them every time they walk out that door, but right now the biggest concern, they may have to leave their homes tonight because this may be in that direction. we're live in felton grove, rick boone. >> thank you, rick. the rain shut down a road we want to show you near the rv park. the water is up to the wheels of the cars on the streets and some folks tried to move their cars off that road unsuccessfully. yet another reminder to avoid driving through standing water. that's a bad move. that's a bad move. seek shelter was put in place for people who live in that area. >> that usually does not end
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well. also take a look at what it looked like in oakland as rescuering jumped into action after these people drove their car into the water. michelle, you're joining us from golden gate where a downed tree there blocking the road. >> reporter: that's right. i'm here at 19th and lincoln after avenue that's been closed for several hours. the last half hour, emergency crews have opened the left side allowing one lane of traffic to go by on the northbound side causing some major traffic delays. a big tree hit a light pole and it's been blocking the street. this is one of many locations that emergency crews have been handling downed trees. >> i heard a big boom and looked out the back window and the trees in the back. can't see out my back window at all. >> reporter: this woman and her family say they're grateful the roof didn't collapse when this giant oak tree splashed on to their apartment complex in san
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francisco sunnydale neighborhood early this morning. >> my heart is still beating, so i just want to go back home. i can't wait to go back home. >> reporter: the red cross offered help to seven tenants in the building who were evacuated after the tree came down. >> that was scary. it was like right next to my window. >> reporter: across the bay in oakland, emergency crews responded to doolittle drive. a cab driver lost control and spun off into the estuary. the car was only three to four feet underneath. >> reporter: koi justice said the driver was in bad shape when he was transported to the hospital. the cause of the crash is underinvestigation, but chief justice is urging everyone to slow down in rainy conditions. >> stay off your phones, pay attention the road, pay attention to the other driver. >> reporter: in san francisco, police directed traffic away from 19th avenue near golden gate park this afternoon after a tree smashed into a light pole. back out here live, we've been
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driving around all afternoon and the good news is the roads don't appear to be very slick. we have had a lot of rain this week, but a lot of people are going extremely fast, so take it slow and those wind gusts especially on the bridges is something you'll want to watch out for. reporting live in san francisco, i'm michelle roberts, nbc news. >> thanks a lot, michelle. good advice. >> the storm is creating havoc for airline passengers as well. so far the airport has cancelled 71 arrivals, 62 departures, another 289 flights have been delayed either coming or going and live right now at oakland airport, they're reporting seven departures, seven arrivals have been cancelled another 40 flights are delayed. in this live picture here, looks like they've got some isolated flooding out near the airport and winds blowing as well. san jose airport, reporting no problems so far today. it sounded like lightning, the sound of a huge tree limb
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cracking woke up an entire neighborhood. a 50-year-old cedar tree fell for at least six hours neighbors say the limb was held up dangerously by the power lines. one man who lived in the neighborhood for years says that this tree has been strong through storm after storm until now. >> tree is good. the tree has been trimmed and everything. i don't know why it broke. it just wanted to go, i guess. you know what i mean? >> see how huge this tree is. fortunately no one was injured when that limb came crashing down. it did nearly smash a parked car below. >> downed power lines and falling trees keeping crewing in the south bay busy but they're closely monitoring the gaud lee pay river. one of the many trouble spots today and you've seen quite a bit, you're standing in it, damion? >> this is the bike trail here. i'm standing here because i put this cone here about just over an hour ago. you can see how much the water
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level has risen here along the banks. some people actually try to jog or ride their bikes through this, but they had to close it for obvious reasons. it's been a busy day here in the south bay. crews have to close this road in san jose because of a live down power line, one of many in the city. in fact, the san jose fire department was so busy today they needed assistance from the fire department to answer calls like this one from santa clara. on hillsdale avenue, part of a tree rested on the roof of a home. >> i didn't want to do anything right now with the chain saw because it's too wet. i'm afraid i might get hurt or slip or something like that. >> reporter: down the street, good samaritans ran across hillsdale avenue to remove frauns from a palm tree that were creating a driving hazard. the heavy rains also forced this gentleman to stop by the sandbag center. >> just picking up sandbags to prevent water from getting into
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the entry way, front of our house is flooding, so it needed some sandbags. >> reporter: up springs, the river briskly flowed toward the bay, flooding the bike trail along the way. >> can you pull this? >> these people look forward to the rising waters are these scientists from the san francisco estuary institute. they're measuring mercury levels in the gaud lupe. the bigger the storm, the better your readings. >> yeah. in a terrible sort of way we hope for a really big storm. >> reporter: and the big storm is what they got. this is a live picture. you can see how fast the river is moving. we are near the airport and highway 101. we saw an entire tree, kind of making its way through the middle of this river. if you can avoid this area, please do so. it's becoming quite dangerous. we're live in san jose. >> damion, thank you. it was a soggy stroll along this creek trail this morning. rising water drew closer to the
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jogging trail and bike trail. the fast-moving water broke loose a lot of debris and piled up along the creek's levies. so far the creek has stayed within its banks. >> obviously we've been very busy in the weather center and also with our storm ranger. a live look at the storm ranger providing a live feed of the weather radar to give you accurate data at lower elevatio elevations. specific weather for where you live. you can see our live feed on our sister station 186 or on air 1102. all weekend long we've been receiving amazing photos and videos from our viewers. you're looking at some of them right here including a video from shannon parker. if you would like to share your's, tag us on instagram or twitter. >> you can track the latest conditions on our nbc bay area app. click on the weather app to get a detailed forecast for where
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you are. i'm chief meteorologist jeff, the entire bay area under a flash flood watch until 9:00 p.m. tonight where we could see these'slated flooding on the radar. the rainfall will continue from santa rosa all the way down towards san jose. here are key spots to watch for flooding possible, russian, napa, san lorenzo rivers and the gaud lupe river. i'm back in eight minutes with another update. over 1,000,000 californians have gotten something that's been out of reach for far too long: health insurance. how? they enrolled through covered california.
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talking about this storm, as long as we did right now as jeff is telling me, this is pretty much the peak of it right now. >> yeah, exactly. throughout a lot of bay area, we've been under this continuous rainfall for the past several hours and really from this point on, we should see things gradually taper off for us. check out the #stormranger, instagram and twitter. this has a doppler radar and equipped with a weather station to help give you a higher
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resolution of what's happening for improved accuracy. that is actually the doppler radar hoisted up on the back of the truck right there. as we get a look right now, 62 degrees out here at storm ranger. temperatures will drop into the 50s, staying gusty and rainy, at least for the next three to five hours. and then again we'll start to see a break by late tonight. let's go ahead and take you into the doppler radar scan. again, it's wide-spread coverage of rainfall. i think we've seen some of the heaviest widespread rainfall starting to move off towards the east, but that's little consolation here as the roadways continue to be so saturated any one heading out for the next couple of hours certainly needs to take it slow here with a lot of water coming up on the roads. the largest problems have been happening, of course, in the north bay. that's why we're still under a flash flood warning until 3:00 p.m., at least 3:00 p.m. from santa rosa down to petaluma that's where we're finding a lot of streams, creeks and rivers overflowing their banks.
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best advice, if you approach standing water, turn around and head the other direction. so, in terms of major rivers in the north bay we're tracking, russian river expected to hit flood stage, 37.2 feet, late tonight into early tomorrow morning. even though the rain may subside, again late tonight and tomorrow, river levels will likely still be rising. the napa river up to 19.7 feet late tonight and into early tomorrow morning. and then you'll see here on the radar, down towards the south bay, continuous rainfall here moving on in and that also has more flooding concerns with us. down here towards morgan hill and gillroy, heavier pockets developing at the current moment. what i want to do is go ahead and look at some of the other concerns we're seeing off to the south. the san lorenzo river near felton hitting 20.9 feet as we head throughout late tonight and also early monday morning.
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getting close to major flood stage. so you know who you are if you live near the san lorenzo river, you have to watch it extremely closely, evacuations may also be in place. please, please follow the advice of those local officials. san franciscouito river. the gaud lupe river near highway 101 and we could hit 13.1 feet again this evening. now, joining us down here at the river, meteorologist rob. rob, it's also important to continue to watch this at least for the next couple of days. >> reporter: yeah. en though technically not at flood stage, i can tell you we are seeing some localized flooding along the guadelupe river. probably another hour or so from reaching its crest. fast moving and we're still on the bike path that heads into san jose international airport. seeing all sorts of things, large tree trunks, debris moving very quickly from left to right
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across the screen as heavy rain falling into the santa cruz mountains, heads down the watershed throughout the bay area. take a quick look at the graphic, you'll be able to see the rain in the southern end there, the santa cruz mountains, dropping another gaud lupe watershed and fast forward three to four hours later, that begins to fill in the smaller creeks. come back here live, we were here on this bike path and things were relatively dry. the water now is coming right over the curb, spilling over, flooding out the lower section where damion was reporting live just moments ago. as soon as we're down with this live report, we'll get out of here because this water level continues to rise rather quickly along the gaud lupe river. again, use caution. this river still forecast to rise another foot or two between now and 4:00 p.m. you want to use caution here along the bay area waterways. jeff? >> some great advice, rob.
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again, it is called flash flooding for a reason. it happens in just instant of a second in some cases and if you think you're safe and close to the river banks, it could come up and certainly inundate your car or where you're standing, so stay away from the river banks. stay away from those local creeks, rivers and streams. as we take a look right now, here is that atmospheric river that's been fuelling this heavier rain fall throughout california. we'll gradually see this move off towards the south over the next six hours again giving us a break. so i know that's what all of you want to know, when will this rainfall start to wind down. by 8:00 p.m. we still have rainfall with us, but once we hit 11:00 p.m. tonight, you can see it breaking up across the north bay. good for the large rivers to at least start to get a break. then by 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, we should begin to see just some spotty showers here throughout the bay area. so, again, some drying weather is on the way. here is the extended forecast, little bit of rain at times on
2:23 pm
monday. a new storm, though, developing as we head into tuesday's forecast. river levels may be a concern all the way into wednesday of next week and this is the newest information now showing dry weather friday, saturday and also on sunday. so, that drying will get by the end of next week could save us from more of a catastrophic situation just because i think once that tuesday storm gets in here, we'll see things go back up again and it could be a repeat performance for a lot of folks in the north bay. >> so just hang on until thursday, friday, end of the week, that's when we get to dry out a little bit. >> you got it. >> thanks, jeff. >> we'll be right back. creamy swirls of pure indulgence. silky sifts of total transcendence. tempting accents of sheer pleasure. introducing "unicorn whispers."
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we'll take a look outside as you heard there from meteorologist jeff, a flood watch is all over the bay area, including here to napa. take a look here at this lane in napa county near san ha lena, this is where the road is under water completely, in fact, it has been this way for most of the day. you see the signage for the bridge and how high the river is crested at.
2:26 pm
the river is rushing into a nearby winery as we pan over at the winery right next to this road. they're dealing with a lot of water there at the base of those grapevines. >> they were joking that it would be good for the crops. one thing i just saw, a truck heading towards that flooded road turned around. can't say why he did it, might have been because he didn't want to go into water he doesn't know the depth of. >> smart idea. >> smart idea. >> always turn around. another troublesome spot is the the santa cruz mountains. rick boone has been all day today. last time we saw him, he had a rope around his waist keeping him out of the river. rick? >> reporter: i do. i'm a smart man listening to the residents. they said do that, that's what i'm doing at this point. everything is coming down the river. we have trees, a lot of different things, articles from people's homes backyards. that's a huge tree that is going down the river right now. that's a huge tree. that gives you an idea about the power of this water, how aggressive it is. just about five minutes ago we heard this huge alarm in this
2:27 pm
area. that was a warning to get out of here. residents say when they hear that flash flood honking horn, it's an alert from the emergency services and they know they need to pack up or at least get an idea that they may need to move in another direction. our shot last time i talked to you i was further down, now you know what i'm getting wet. let me move up right now. and we're going to continue to get out of here because they're predicting this water could go in this direction as soon as possible. we're live in felton grove, rick boone, nbc area news. we are now on to safer ground. >> stay safe out there, happy to hear that, rick. he's right to see how swiftly that river is moving. >> another update from jeff right after the break.
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before we let you go, jeff, where is it heaviest right now? >> across the santa cruz mountains as you can see on the storm ranger, even though we see things beginning to dry out by 9 and 10:00 p.m. tonight, san
2:30 pm
lorenzo river near felton expected to go near flood level tonight and tomorrow. >> nbc news next. on this sunday night, moment of the airport horror, new video of the gunman opening fire in ft. lauderdale, as the suspect's brother says the system failed him and the debate grows over carrying guns at airports. deadly attack, a man rams a truck into a crowd of people, who had just arrived for a tour of jerusalem, killing four soldiers, wounding many more. on alert, tens of millions watching severe weather, heavy rains, flood warnings, mountains snow. the president's a-list party, the glittering white house all-nighter. and inspiring america, how an engineering student's college project is helping kids experience the world in a whole


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